What is Embedded Analytics? Answers by B2IT and Qlik®

Simply put, embedded analytics is the integration of data analysis and business intelligence (BI) within business process applications. The integration of these two components allows users to access the information and data they need while using everyday applications in their work environment.

Capabilities of Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics solutions software, such as Qlik® embedded analytics, is capable of generating useful and accessible data insights, such as:

  • Dashboards and data visualisation: charts and graphs that data so as to be easily interpreted.
  • Interactive reports: views of data that can include scheduling capabilities and functionalities such as the transformation of data over time.
  • Self-service analytics: enables users to ask their own questions about the data by exploring a set of data, this can even include a search bar, as can be seen with B2IT AiSearch.
  • Benchmarking: comparing performance metrics against best practices from external data readily available from the data software.
  • Mobile capability: ensures that you can access your data on your phone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Visual workflows: incorporating transactional capabilities directly within the analytic user interface, sometimes referred to as “write-back”.
  • Predictive analytics: an area of machine learning and artificial intelligence that lets users answer their questions on what could happen with their data in future and how they could change this outcome.

Qlik® Embedded Analytics in South Africa

If you are looking for Qlik® embedded analytics in South Africa, as well as Qlik® embedded analytics pricing, contact B2IT, the Qlik® specialists. At B2IT, we offer each business with customised Qlik® embedded analytics pricing and scalable solutions that are tailor-made and developed for your business. We give you premium embedded analytics capabilities that allows you to easily access and interpret that data you need to make informed decisions, using the applications and devices that you are already accustomed to.