What is Qlik®’s Big Data Index?

Finding and managing high volumes of data can be challenging, especially when the data originates from different sources. With intelligent data management solutions from Qlik®, you can not only connect data sources, but easily manage the data and create detailed reports to gain valuable insights. A comprehensive big data index tool from Qlik® will allow you to do all this, and manage and analyse your big data according to your needs.

What is Big Data?

Big data is exactly what the name implies; it’s large amounts of data generated by a company from a multitude of different sources. But, just like any process in a company, if the data isn’t managed correctly, it can’t be used as an effective point of reference. Data is an absolute asset to businesses, used to analyse your customers, focusing on their preferences, increase sales and monitor behaviour so that you can replicate successful steps taken in your business.

Why Using a Big Data Index Tool is Important

High volumes of anything become challenging to juggle if you don’t have the right tools. Qlik® Big Data Index:

  • gives businesses the right tools to store their data in a cost-effective way
  • provides a platform that allows users to explore, search, scale large volumes of data
  • identify patterns and relationships in the data for reporting and implementation of relevant processes

Benefits of Qlik® Big Data Index

  • The platform is made to be easily understood by all skill levels
  • It offers unlimited data analytics for any purpose
  • Customise the platform to your exact business model
  • Review accurate results within data relationships

Business intelligence tools allow for faster and more accurate reporting, analytics and planning in order to make more informed businesses decisions to optimise processes. For other big data management tools, as well as other business intelligence tools, contact us.