Why is Data Visualisation Important?

Whether it’s a large scale, big data project or a smaller one, data visualisation is a useful tool for just about any business. Turning complex data into easy-to-read infographics, charts and graphs will help anyone to present and report on findings and trends.

How Visualising Data Improves Decision Making

Using visual representations, business owners, strategists, managers, etc., can leverage mass quantities of information and make sense of it with ease. The more information you are able to access, the better informed your decisions can be. Organised data can bring new and better answers to light.

Optimise Decision Making

With information spreading at such a rapid rate, and consumers requiring instant gratification, decisions need to be made quickly. Decision-makers are oftentimes expected to make crucial decisions and solve critical problem in short periods of time. Simplified ways to view data can help decision-makers to understand the data quickly and easily, allowing them to report on, and make, informed decisions in record-time.

Improved Accuracy

There are many CRMs and lead management systems that can collect data and store it accurately, but very few that can collate the data and make it intelligible in a simple-to-read visual format. This is where your data visualisation tool comes in. Having access to accurate data visualisations using real-time data will eliminate the tendency towards assumptions in decision-making. Using the same programme, businesses can again calculate the success of their decisions by reviewing it in their data visualisations.

Justify Communication

An individual or team may be more inclined to care about, and understand, change if it is explained why the change is being implemented – especially when the goal is clear. Using the simple data visuals, a team-lead or manager can show teams what they’ve noticed in the data and discuss the goal behind implementing changes for improvement.

Is Power BI a Data Visualisation Tool?

Power BI is a powerful data visualisation tool that can be used to source data from a wide range of systems that is cloud-hosted or on-premises, which can then be used to create dashboards that track the metrics relevant to your needs.

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