From Data to Decision | Leveraging Geospatial Data with Qlik

Due to the complexity involved in geospatial data, location mapping can be difficult to analyse. It requires specialised tools and expertise to make sense of the data and turn it into actionable, visual insights.


This is where Qlik GeoAnalytics plays a crucial role.


From taking the location data and making it easy to understand to creating visualisations that provide valuable insights for decision-making, Qlik GeoAnalytics is an invaluable tool for businesses.


This article will explore Geospatial data and how Qlik can help leverage it for better decision-making.


What is Geospatial Data?


Geospatial data, also known as geodata or spatial data, refers to any information that has a geographic or locational component. This could include coordinates such as longitude and latitude, addresses, postal codes, or even just the name of a city or country.


Geospatial data is essential for mapping and spatial analysis, which involves understanding relationships between different locations and how they interact with each other.


Why Is Geospatial Data Important?


Geospatial data is crucial for decision-making in many industries, such as retail, logistics, transportation, and urban planning.


With geospatial data, businesses can understand their markets better by visualising customer locations and demographics. It also helps identify potential areas for expansion or improvement.

For example, geospatial data can be used to plan routes, track assets in real-time, and optimise delivery times in the logistics and transportation industry.


Popular Industries That Utilise Geospatial Data


Geospatial data has become increasingly important for a wide range of industries, including:


  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture 
  • Emergency Services and Disaster Management


Being a business owner or manager in one of these industries, it is essential to leverage geospatial data for better decision-making.


Better decision-making leads to improved efficiency and productivity, cost-saving opportunities, and a competitive edge in the market.


Challenges in Analysing Geospatial Data


While geospatial data provides valuable insights for decision-making, it also comes with its challenges. 


One of the main challenges is the vast amount of data that needs to be collected, processed, and analysed. This can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task, especially when traditional charts and tables are not enough to visualise the data effectively.


Also, location data can be complex and dynamic, requiring specialised skills and tools for accurate analysis. This poses a challenge for businesses that lack the necessary expertise or resources to handle geospatial data effectively.


How Qlik GeoAnalytics Can Help


Qlik GeoAnalytics enhances decision-making through advanced location-based analytics in Qlik Sense. Easily incorporate maps into applications, overlay with visualisations, and explore a wide range of geoanalytic use cases for deeper insights.


Functions of Qlik GeoAnalytics include:


1. Interactive Mapping


Interactive mapping in Qlik Sense enhances location-based decision-making with powerful mapping tools and analytics. Easily integrate maps into applications, overlay visualisations, and explore geoanalytic use cases beyond traditional tables and charts.


2. Geospatial Insight


Qlik GeoAnalytics offers deep insights beyond traditional data review methods. Utilise the Qlik Associative Engine to analyse geospatial relationships efficiently. Seamlessly integrate external geospatial data and map layers for enhanced visualisation and analysis, including CAD file imports.


3. Location-Related Use Cases


Qlik GeoAnalytics assures tailored solutions for your geospatial needs. With proven success in various industries, it offers expert support for location-based use cases based on real-world achievements.


Benefits Of Qlik GeoAnalytics include:


  • Enhance decision-making with location-based data
  • Gain deeper insights from your data
  • Generate high-quality visuals quickly and effortlessly


Leverage Qlik GeoAnalytics Today!


Don’t let your business miss out on the benefits of geospatial analytics. Leverage Qlik GeoAnalytics today to gain a competitive edge and make better, data-driven decisions.


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