Qlik GeoAnalytics

Stream your Geoanalytic Data with Qlik.
Due to the complexity of geospatial information, location data is often difficult to analyse. Qlik® GeoAnalytics is a platform Qlik application that compresses and streams geo analytic mapping data.

Qlik Geoanalytics South Africa

Providing Geospatial Visualisation And Analytics

Using automatic geo-data lookup, add maps and overlay them with data visualisations. Analyse geo-data or geospatial data along with non-geo-data to reveal crucial hidden geographic relationships.

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Make Better Decisions with Location Data

Resource allocations, delivery times and site selections are a few of the many decisions that are impacted by location information. GeoAnalytics maps provide visual information to help Qlik customers make informed decisions based on location.

  • Evaluate geospatial relationships using Qlik’s associative model
  • Utilise various GeoAnalytic operations
  • Utilise internal and external data in calculations
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Get a Better Understanding of Your Data

GeoAnalytics presents the data in formats familiar to most users, such as maps. Users can use this relatable data to gain insights into patterns that are otherwise not easy to understand, such as data presented in tables and charts.

  • View different visualisations in drill-down levels of geographic areas
  • Manage information dense maps that are usually difficult to decipher
  • View information displayed on multiple visualisation types
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Create Visualisations Quickly and Easily

Users can supplement location data, including cities and countries, with geoinformation, enabling them to add rich, interactive geo visualisations to their existing Qlik apps. Customers can expand their mapping solution by building on their existing tools as Qlik’s mapping products and tools run on the same platform:

  • Use measures and expressions to define visualisations
  • Draw arcs and lines between locations
  • Build maps easily without the need for coordinates

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