Making Use of Qlik GeoAnalytics in South Africa

There are many ways in which Qlik GeoAnalytics can improve your business and help you reach a new level of efficiency. From retail to logistics, the applications are endless. In this article, we will explain how you can make use of Qlik GeoAnalytics in South Africa and improve the way you do business.

What is GeoAnalytics in Qlik Sense?

GeoAnalytics is a Qlik product that allows users to stream their geoanalytic data in order to better analyse and make use of geospatial and location data. When utilised effectively, it can allow for a comprehensive understanding of data through visualisations that are easily digestible. This will in turn allow for better and more informed decision-making. There are two parts to this software that allow it to work effectively. These two parts consist of extensions and a connector. The extensions allow for visualisation, while the connector controls load time operation.

How Qlik GeoAnalytics Can Be Used in Practice

There are various industries that can make use of the amazing features provided by Qlik GeoAnalytics. Some of these industries consist of:

  • Transportation: GeoAnalytics can be utilised to optimise logistics operations. The focus in logistics is to transport cargo from one location to another in the fastest and safest manner possible. By making use of Qlik GeoAnalytics one will be able to analyse data collected on delivery routes, traffic patterns, and delivery times. This will allow logistic companies to make the best route choices and measure the effectiveness of drivers.
  • Retail: Large retailers with multiple branches can greatly benefit from Qlik GeoAnalytics. They will be able to collect and easily analyse data surrounding location-based sales. For example, they will be able to determine which shops are doing exceptionally well and which stores are struggling. They will then be able to take informed action and put plans in motion in order to improve sales. They will also be able to determine what type of stock is being sold in the different locations. This will enable them to stock popular items. It can even assist in deciding where to open new stores.
  • Real Estate: It is important for real estate agents to remain on top of trends within the real estate market. Data such as property value, rental rates, and occupancy rates are very important and location-based. Qlik GeoAnalytics will allow real estate agents to easily analyse this type of locational information and make informed decisions considering what price to list a property at, how quickly a property will sell, and more.

Qlik GeoAnalytics Pricing

One can make use of Qlik GeoAnalytics by subscribing and paying a yearly rate. This will allow for you to have access to all of its features. While this yearly rate might seem expensive, it is relatively cheap when broken down into monthly costs versus what one will gain in efficiency and business growth.

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