Qlik® as the Most Advanced BI Tool for Your Business

Qlik® presents multiple channels through which to visualise data and perform intricate data analytics through one programme. This tool is widely loved among businesses that work with large amounts of data in the form of Business Intelligence (BI).

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business Intelligence is defined as strategies and technologies that are used to work with business information in a number of ways. Qlik® supports tools for data visualisation, data discovery, data analytics and data capturing. You don’t have to be a Qlik® Specialist to work with or understand Qlik® products.


QlikView is the ideal tool for business users, IT professionals and IT developers thanks to its range of capabilities. It sports guided analytics so novice users can learn to use the software at their own pace while professionals can complete their tasks using its multiple intricate functionalities. You have the ability to control the analytics apps in terms of management and permissions while making use of multiple layouts, designs and dashboards.

QlikView is made to allow users to organise and access their data in the most efficient manner possible. You can even extract specific information to be visualised in data sheets, graphs and tables so you and your team can make informed business decisions based on existing data you can now access and interpret.


QlikSense is made to integrate, process, analyse and share data. QlikSense in South Africa is particularly popular thanks to the ability to condense huge amounts of data into manageable and understandable chunks. Even the most complex data can be integrated directly.

Qlik DataMarket

Thanks to the data-driven times we live in it has become part of our culture. Qlik DataMarket acts as a data-as-a-service offering, giving you access to external data as a means of helping you gain insights into your own data through cross referencing.

With all of these functionalities there is no reason companies in South Africa should ever struggle to find, visualise or interpret data again. For more information contact us or visit our blog to learn more about Qlik® and its wide range of products.