Using Hyperautomation Technology in Your Business

Technology and the tools we use to run our businesses more effectively are constantly evolving. Hyperautomation technology is at the forefront of these developments and there are so many ways in which it can enhance your business and its processes. In this article, we will discuss hyperautomation and how it can be utilised in your business. 

How is Hyperautomation Different from Automation? 

Automation can in some ways be referred to as hyperautomation’s predecessor. Automation is able to perform simple, repetitive, and previously manual tasks and processes automatically. It does this by making use of technology such as scripts and macros. However, hyperautomation has gone far past this. It is able to automate complex, multi-phase processes from end-to-end with ease. It does so by making use of a variety of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), intelligent process automation, process mining, and more. Ultimately, hyperautomation has combined an understanding of business processes with advanced technologies to increase the level of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity achieved by businesses.

What is an Example of Hyperautomation? 

Hyperautomation is an amazing technological tool that can be utilised in all facets of a business, helping the business perform better and become more scalable. 

  • Customer Service: Caring for and maintaining positive relationships with clients can be time-consuming. Hyperautomation will allow for automatic responses to be sent to customers asking questions. It will also be able to resolve simple complaints. This will free up time for customer service representatives and allow them to focus on more complex complaints which will improve overall customer satisfaction. 
  • Supply Chain Management: One of the most important aspects of a business is supply chain management. Without the effective and accurate management of a supply chain, there could be stock shortages. Hyperautomation will be able to monitor supply and demand for you. It will also be able to place orders and track deliveries, ensuring that one is always on the ball when it comes to changes in market conditions. 
  • Accounting and Finance: Tedious repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks such as invoicing, payment processing, expense management, and more can be done by making use of hyperautomation. Therefore employees within the financial department will have more time to focus on other more pressing matters. Hyperautomation will also ensure that these tasks are performed more efficiently and with a higher level of accuracy. 
  • Marketing: Certain tasks within marketing can be automated by making use of hyperautomation. Social media management, email campaigns, and lead generation are all tasks that do not require manual labour anymore. This will allow marketers to focus on strategy and new ideas for future campaigns. 

Hyperautomation is an exceptionally useful tool that will enhance businesses and allow employees to move away from monotonous tasks. This move towards the future will also ensure that organisations stay ahead of the curve and don’t fail due to being left behind. 

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