Active Intelligence is Improving Decision-Making

Decision-making is at the heart of every business. It is, in essence, what makes or breaks a business. In order to make the correct decision, one must have data on which to base those decisions. If you are making uninformed business decisions without data, you are playing a dangerous guessing game.

Up until recently, BI (business intelligence) tools were used to inform decision-making. It has worked well in the past and continues to be a good option for certain applications; however, it is based on preconfigured data sets. Unfortunately, businesses now need more than “old” data in order to make good decisions. This is where active intelligence (AI) comes into play.

What is Active Intelligence?

Active intelligence allows for continuous, real-time data availability. Every aspect of your business, and what could possibly negatively or positively influence it at that moment, is displayed and accessible. This allows for decision-makers in a business to make the best possible decision as events are taking place. Whether the decision is to take action or abstain from it.

Active Intelligence Platforms and Decision-Making

Active intelligence platforms have multiple functionalities that drive decision-making, allowing organisations to achieve more. Some of the effects of AI-based decision-making include, but are not limited to:

  • Immediate Trend Identification: Due to information being available in real-time, one can spot trends as they are developing, ensuring that your business can take advantage of those trends immediately.
  • Strategy and Process Optimisation: As behaviour and circumstances change, processes and strategies need to be adapted and streamlined. AI allows a business to be flexible and adapt to its changing environment, ensuring that processes are always appropriate and optimised.
  • Expedite Results: Because one can respond to new information instantaneously, the results are accelerated. This will create an agile environment that drives positive outcomes.

Qlik Active Intelligence

Qlik active intelligence software allows a business to optimise itself on a moment-by-moment basis. By providing a business with both data integration and analysis, users will never be left in the dark.

To find out more about Qlik and what it could mean for your specific business, contact us at B2IT.