Data Streaming: How it Works

Data streaming is the consistent and uninterrupted generation of data. This data is typically generated from multiple data sources. What makes streaming unique is that it is being processed and analysed as it is being generated, which provides the end user with real-time processed data that is accessible as the data is being created.

Data streaming is mostly used for media streaming (such as Netflix), and instantaneous analytics. Instantaneous analytics is an extremely important asset for businesses of all sizes. Whether it be a mega-corporation or a medium to a large company, analytics are what allow informed and immediate decision-making to become a reality.

How Does a Data Stream Work?

Since the data is generated from a multitude of sources and needs to be processed in real-time, a stream processer is needed. This allows for the instantaneous collection, analysis, and visualisation of the data while it is in flow.

A stream processor must not have any delay, must be able to scale in load capacity, and should be reliable. Delays can render the data useless, as the data used for streaming becomes irrelevant after a very short period of time. Data encountered in streaming can be unpredictable in size, which is why the processor needs to be able to handle spikes in data size, and should be flexible in its capacity. These processors should be highly reliable, as any break can be extremely damaging to the company relying on the analytics it provides.

What is Data Stream in Big Data?

Big data streaming is similar to normal data streaming; however, the amount of data being streamed is much larger in size. Big data streaming typically deals with, and analyses, data that is used to showcase trends and insights. Speed is an extremely important aspect of big data streaming. This is because corporations using big data streaming rely heavily on real-time information; thus, speed ensures that the value of the data is preserved.

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