Data Streaming

Receive real-time streaming data. This simple and all-encompassing solution allows you to extend enterprise data to a live stream.

Data Streaming South Africa

Data Streaming – Receive Current Data Without Fail

The Qlik Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity) effectively and efficiently transports and provides large volumes of real-time, analytics-ready data to streaming or cloud platforms, data warehouses, and data lakes. It is equipped with an agentless and log-based approach that has changed the way in which data is captured. Your data will always be current and will never impact any of the source systems.

Qlik Data Streaming

If you haven’t been making use of data streaming, you have been missing out.  This is a tool that can provide you with constant and current data in real-time, ensuring that the decisions you make are relevant and supported by up-to-date information.

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A Change in Data Capture

Continuously ingest and replicate enterprise data that you receive as you need it with simplicity and in real-time.

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Provides Broad Support for Both Source and Targets

Allows for support of the industry’s most comprehensive platform coverage and provides a single solution for your data integration needs.

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Monitor and Control Your Entire Enterprise

Control an enterprise from a command centre that allows you to configure, execute, and monitor integration tasks throughout.

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