Data Streaming: Why You Should Invest in This Technology

When we hear the word streaming, we instantly think of Netflix, Spotify, and other entertainment streaming platforms. However, data streaming can have a real and positive effect on your business.

In this article, we will explain what data streaming is and which technology can change the way you do business and control your enterprise.

What is Meant by Data Streaming?

Data streaming transfers data continuously. It also ensures that this data transfer takes place at a steady and high-speeds rate which allows for data to be available in real-time. The data is fed into stream processing software; from there, valuable information is extracted from the data. All data will be organised according to time. The process of data streaming is made possible by a stable and fast internet connection.

Data Streaming Technologies

The Qlik Data Integration Platform is a leading data streaming technology that ensures the effective and efficient transport of data. It streams data to and from cloud platforms, data warehouses, and data lakes. The data provided by this technology is analytics-ready and is available in real-time. What makes the Qlik Data Integration Platform unique and powerful is the agentless and log-based approach, ensuring that none of your source systems are affected. This ensures that the decisions you make are supported by current and relevant information.

Features of the Qlik Data Integration Platform

There are three core features that the Qlik Data Integration Platform can provide you. These features are what will allow you to remain in control, in the loop, and make the correct decisions for your enterprise.

  • Continuous Data: You are able to continuously ingest as well as replicate your enterprise’s data. You will also have access to this data as and when you need it and will have a real-time view of information.
  • Broad Support: Your integration needs now have a single solution. With the broad support provided for both source and target, this technology is able to support the most complex and comprehensive platform coverage required within the industry.
  • Central Command Centre: You can now completely monitor and control your enterprise from one central command centre. This will allow you to configure, monitor, and execute integration tasks throughout your enterprise with ease.

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