Data Warehouse Automation

Enjoy features such as quick and easy design, deployment, and management without having to code.

Data Warehouse Automation South Africa

Automate Your Entire Data Warehouse Lifecycle

It is possible to automate the entirety of a data warehouse lifecycle by making use of the Qlik Data Integration Platform. This allows for the acceleration of the availability of analytics-ready data. Data engineers are provided the ability to develop data models, add new sources, as well as create new data marts. Success is ensured at every step of the pipeline when data warehouse automation (DWA) is employed. These steps include data modeling and real-time ingestion, as well as data marts and governance.

Find the correct Data Warehouse Automation Software

There are many different types of data warehouse automation. Choosing the ideal one for your business is extremely important and it is advisable to contact us at B2IT directly to receive the experienced advice that you deserve. You can also book a demo to experience our data warehouse automation software.

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Easily Ingest and Update Your Data in Real-Time

You can consistently and continually ingest enterprise data into the appropriate warehouses in real-time, providing you with an easy and comprehensive solution.

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Continuous Refinement that is Automated for Ease

It is possible to design, build and manage these prupose-built data warehouses with a model-driven approach quickly and easily. One can implement this on-premise or in the cloud.

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Enterprise-Ready Data that Can Be Trusted

Share your derived data sets, marts, and more in a secure manner by making use of a smart enterprise-scale data catalogue.

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