Enterprise Data Catalog

Centralise your data, metadata, and the access you provide to it.

Enterprise Data Cataloguing South Africa

Empowerment via an Enterprise Data Catalogue

Empower your business with on-demand access to analytics-ready data. Discovery is  accelerated and people get answers faster. Qlik Catalog is an enterprise data catalogue that simplifies and accelerates the profiling, organisation, preparation and delivery of trustworthy, actionable data in days, not months.


Benefits of an Enterprise Data Catalogue

Scan and catalogue your data throughout the enterprise. This ensures that those who need to access the data can easily find what they require. To achieve this level of efficiency it is important to acquire a well-designed enterprise data catalogue architecture.

Built for the Enterprise

Qlik Catalog extends modern data stores and computing platforms like Snowflake®, AWS®, Azure®, and Google® Cloud to deliver trustworthy, actionable enterprise data. A robust set of enterprise-scale governance and administrative capabilities, making it easy to scale, integrate with other systems and protect data from ingest through delivery.


Faster turnaround on data delivery requests


Reduction in data preparation costs


More analytics projects completed

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