3 Paths to Success With Qlik® NPrinting

Have you ever wished there was a way to share your business data securely, efficiently and specifically with those who need it? This would make the decision making process and your ability to react to opportunities in the market so much more effective… and with NPrinting this is now a reality.

These three paths to success are what this product offers to every business out there today:

1. Efficiency

“Waste not, want not.” This old saying applies to business just as effectively as it does to everything else, because any wasted time or money leaves you wanting (or needing) more of it to catch up. That is why Qlik® specialists and businesspeople have turned to NPrinting as a means of ensuring that less time is wasted, and with it more money is saved.

Once you have made use of QlikView® to sort and study your data, NPrinting allows you to quickly compile your information into a report. Adding to this speed is the convenience of being able to compile a report in various formats from Excel or Word to PDF and HTML, as you need. From there, you can print the reports and distribute them over a centralised hub to all those who need to view them.

Just like that you’ve compiled your data into an effective report and sent it to the relevant parties to speed up your decision making process. With this added level of efficiency and reduced wastage of time, vital decisions can be made that much quicker and success can be grabbed at the earliest opportunity.

2. Relevance

Leading on from efficiency, your data reporting needs to be relevant. It wouldn’t help to have lower management reading through all the information needed by upper management, confusing themselves with factors they might not be involved in.

That is why NPrinting allows you to build specific templates and reports for certain recipients. In this way you can ensure that each group or individual within your company is provided with information that is relevant to their role, informing their part of the process. This added relevance reduces confusion and boosts productivity.

3. Security

With the amount of data you could share in reports, safety and confidentiality can be a serious concern. Which is why, on top of allowing you to use the various templates mentioned above, NPrinting also allows you to set up filters which will help to ensure that sensitive information is only shared with those who are authorised to see it.

While this builds onto the relevance step above, it is vital to security. After all, imagine sharing information on trade secrets with an employee who has been headhunted by a competitor? That could be bad for business, but with NPrinting’s filters you won’t need to worry about such slips.

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