5 Business trends to follow in 2017

1. Embrace the power of the internet

This is the number one trend to follow. It’s not exactly new per se, but lots of companies are not taking full advantage of the Internet’s benefits. Companies in South Africa must focus more on:

Remote employees

This especially includes specialists. Since people can work from just about anywhere, there is no need for all tasks to be done in the office. Outsource important work to professionals, wherever they are.


Attract more customers by making your products and services easy to find, order and be delivered. There are tons of affordable online platforms that companies can use to spread their business across the globe.

Mobile-friendly websites

More than half of your clients will be browsing your website from a mobile device. Making a website mobile-friendly means using mobile plugins and CMS platforms, implementing responsive mobile web design practices and using standard fonts. You can also develop mobile apps that will help your customers and make your e-commerce efforts run smoothly!

2. Improve social media and email marketing

Implementing the right digital marketing strategy in your 2017 agenda will, indubitably, help your business grow beyond expectation. Social media gives you all the right information that you need to connect to the right market and creates lasting and meaningful relationships with customers, old and new. It’s affordable, it’s flexible and it promises 100% success.

3. Video

In 2010, a Forbes Study already started investigating the success behind video content. 7 years later, it’s only become more successful. Strangely enough, companies are still not focusing on video content enough. It’s informational, it’s entertaining and it’s engaging. Video content should without a doubt be a part of each company’s digital marketing strategy!

4. Make tech easier for everyone in the workplace

There are more and more tools and apps that are helping less tech-savvy entrepreneurs excel in the workplace. Tracking software like Toggle and Trello makes planning, scheduling and managing all the more successful, while business intelligence software like QlikView and QlikSense makes data-informed decision-making all the more accurate. QlikView companies in South Africa offer a lot of guidance that makes this opportunity even better.

5. Strength-based approach vs remedial leadership

In 2017, businesses will invest more in training that focuses on a leader’s natural talent than on remedial leadership training. While relying on the expert to do his job, we must always remember that those who work closely with us carry us to success too. Everyone deserves the opportunity to expand their knowledge across all platforms and school should not be where education stops! Educate your staff this year, as much as possible, and success will unfold effortlessly.