7 Ways NPrinting Will Improve Your Data Flow

The whole point of exploring BI tools is finding technology that will support your company’s specific needs. How will Qlik’s NPrinting benefit your business?

  1. Analyse, report and proceed anywhere, anytime. With this powerful app, your data is not limited to predefined drill paths, static dashboards or preconfigured reports.
  2. Make calculated decisions. Well-informed decision making lies at your fingertips; you can explore masses of data using any device you have with you. This makes it easy for you to ask questions and pursue insight wherever you are.
  3. Make quick, real time decisions. Real time collaborative sessions ensure that your team’s decision making processes are instant, uninterrupted by location, and also recorded.
  4. Ensure that innovative ideas are not affected by overly simple financial indicators. With instant access to masses of data, you can compare cash flow, profit margins and reducing costs with KPI’s easily, and so communicate the best metrics for informed decision making.
  5. Create neat, concise scheduled or on demand reporting for all your clients. Formats include Microsoft Excel and PDF and HTML reports for web application for easy to access and easy to understand information. Because time saved means money saved!
  6. Get an instant, straight forward and visually powerful representation of big data.
  7. Keep data safe and secure. NPrinting is encrypted to ensure that terabytes of valuable data are kept safe, while still allowing all the right people to access all the information that they need.

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Watch video on QlikView NPrinting Product Overview

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