9 handy tips to enhance your QlikView experience

By now you know about the wonderful things that QlikView can do for you. Learning about the easiest or cleverest ways of saving time (and sometimes money) can take your QlikView experience to new levels. These are a few handy things to remember or apply to make this happen:

1. Embrace denormalisation. QlikView is designed in such a way that denormalising your data into fewer tables will allow you to do more with less.

2. Make your load scripts as comprehensive as possible. Avoid putting details in the formulas; because these will run every time you change your selections or change screens, your system’s speed will suffer significantly.

3. Variables make much more sense than one universal path. If you change the location of your QVD files and you have not used variables, you will have to launch a search operation to change the paths to each location.

4. Use thinking power about what to report on – what there is to report on and what there isn’t. Otherwise, your reports may present skewed findings.

5. Lowest levels of data are king. The broader your data, the more detailed your reports can be.

6. Explain your codes. By explaining why you have written a code in a certain way will help refresh your memory when you have to revisit these.

7. Don’t change what the users see without telling them. It may seem like an accomplishment to override their selections or create mind-blowing codes, but it will only annoy them.

8. Keep your load script clean. When using temp tables, erase these the moment they have overstayed their use.

9. Don’t name your fields after anything. Give them descriptive, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand names.