A Concise Guide To The QlikView BI Platform

What is Business Information (BI) Platform?

BI platforms are important to any business. They allow businesses to use information spun from raw data for the purposes of analysing their business operations and growing their businesses. In many instances, they can be the literal difference between success and failure because of the perspective and direction such information can help give a business in going forward successfully.

Technology experts use the BI platform to build applications (apps) and systems that business users can use to collect the relevant information. The information provided includes historical, current and probability data for the operations of the business. In other words, it is information that helps users understand their businesses.

What is QlikView?

QlikView Business Discovery Platform is an extraordinarily useful application that is considered to be BI platform royalty. The QlikView platform is a popular one because of how user friendly it is. It is easy to use and understand because of its emphasis on using visuals instead of mere text, as well as it provides information on data that other BI platforms often overlook. The new QlikView.Next is considered the next generation in this platforms development as it ups the ante, providing an even more intuitive platform for businesses to take advantage of.

A Closer Look At QlikView.Next

This new and updated platform – QlikView.Next – has been even further simplified and expanded in its scope than its predecessors. Designed to be used with touch screen interface on tablets, users are able to easily interact with the platform. They quite literally have information at their fingertips. QlikView builds on the already existing determination of fact-driven analysis, and by extension, decision-making that persons and businesses already engage in on a daily basis. However, with QlikView.Next, users need no mine data for themselves — via forms for example — to make it usable for their business operations. Instead, the data is mined by the platform and presented visually, using diagrams and charts in an easy to understand format. Even better is the fact that users can go back and forth between data sets and the processed information in order to get much needed perspective. The data store in QlikView.Next is the most secure it has ever been protecting users from data loss, hacking and other detrimental happenings.

Accessing the QlikView.Next Platform

Accessing the QlikView.Next platform is as easy as visiting the company’s website. There you will find all the information you need regarding the platform, including how to order and secure a copy for your business. You can even make use of the trial application download available on the website to see if QlikView.Next is for you. This is a free trial. Should you have any information regarding the platform that is not readily available on the website, or you have a unique request, you may contact the company via the telephone numbers, and/or email contact forms available on the website. A friendly and competent staff member will be happy to assist you with your queries. If you are already using the QlikView.Next system, the staff is still ready and willing to assist you with any issues you may be having therein.