Answer critical business questions

As a modern business owner, you’re probably no stranger to the flood of data that your business generates – even on a normal working day. Whether it is information relating to the peak sales times of shoes, which foods sells well right before noon at your shop in Rosebank or a log of complex buyer behaviours and patterns, the pace at which data is created and stored is staggering. The dilemma most businesses who have collected these vast amounts of data face, however, is that they often lack the tools to utilise it to its full potential.

That’s where we come in. Business intelligence initiatives like QlikView enable you and your team to disentangle a bulk of data which would otherwise have been too extensive for you to be able to extract any meaningful information from it. These insights ultimately help your company find the answers it’s looking for (whether related to sales trends, client relations or even internal company procedures).

Other applications in our suite, like NPrinting for QlikView, is one of South Africa’s most advanced ways to consolidate this extracted information into a meaningful, accessible business report, or to present it on an interactive dashboard which allows users to quickly locate relevant data.

This brings us to our next point – the true value of our platform. By combining data from our different applications, we empower your company. Translating your business data using our applications and input from Qlik specialists is how we are empowered to take this data one step further in helping your company grow.

How does our ability to stylise and compress data into discernable chunks actually promote this growth? It’s simple – by presenting data in ways that’ll make sense to your business’ decision-makers, you’ll not only be saving your team time, you’ll be saving your business money, too. You’ll also gain access to useful tools that’ll enable you to monitor data recipients and ensure information gets to the relevant persons – and to no one else.

Answering critical questions that seem completely enigmatic, and improving your business’ functionality, has never been more user-friendly. It’s time to put your hoard of precious data to work with proudly South African business intelligence.