B2IT Joins the Qlik® Global Conference to Provide More Value

How do one of the expert resellers of Qlik® data solutions and Qlik® Sense in South Africa provide more value? In order to continuously provide organisations and businesses in Africa with leading Qlik® solutions, we make it part of our values to remain up to date with the latest product news and trends. At B2IT, we provide Qlik® data solutions and products like  Qlik® Sense in South Africa using the latest, best-practice knowledge.

In order to harness the power of Qlik® to drive digital transformation, B2IT travelled across the world to Texas, USA to attend Qonnections: Qlik® Global Conference as a means to stay in touch with the latest software developments in the global market.

What exclusive insights and innovations did we gain from Qonnections 2019?

International Qlik® Best-Practice Solutions

The greatest value gained by Qlik® partners from the Qlik® global conference is the ability to network and learn from industry leaders who are using Qlik® solutions worldwide. This gives attendees exclusive insights into best practices from other Qlik® developers, distributors and fans alike. Attendees can see how Qlik® is being used in different organisations and what kind of experiences they have with the software.

The Qlik® Product Roadmap

Another great reason why Qlik® partners venture from different parts of the world to attend Qonnections is for the Qlik® product roadmap. Attendees, like B2IT, gained insight on what is to come in the future of Qlik® products and in what direction they are headed. The latest and greatest product updates were discussed, and future technologies were elaborated on. This gives our experts at B2IT the insight they need to correctly guide their clients into the future of data.

Qlik® Tools Education and Demonstration

The other great advantage of attending the Qlik® global conference is the specialised demonstrations into the various tools that are available within the Qlik® product range. This gives us valuable Qlik® “hacks” that will enable us to further educate our clients on how to get the most out of their Qlik® solutions.

So, if you’re looking for experts in data solutions and Qlik® Sense in South Africa, contact the company that has the latest industry knowledge to launch you into the future of data analytics.


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