Building a Dynamic BI Ecosystem with QlikView

QlikView is rapidly turning complex ETL processes into easy and effective decision-making opportunities. The acquisition, architecture and distribution of data relies on multifaceted analytical ecosystems, which is why QlikView has stepped up to the plate; and with the help of extensible technology a dynamic BI platform for IT professionals, developers and business users alike.

How does QlikView make BI more effective and accessible?

  • QlikView helps users compile data from various sources into one application and interprets this information into easy-to-understand graphs that are accessible from multiple devices. This means fast development and low-maintenance of data model structures that help users make informed decisions based on up-to-date statistics from various sources.
  • The QlikView community also offers further insight into BI ecosystems by providing online platforms where users can share and download apps, chart extensions and data connectors, engage in online chat with useful questions and answers as well as develop high-quality sales goals with the help of online marketing training material.
  • QlikView’s new Direct Discovery feature enables users to analyse Big Data more effectively, since users can now conduct associative analysis on data sets that are too large to put into QlikView’s in-memory engine. This hybrid approach simplifies complex ETL processes and provides a unified, detailed analysis of various data sets that were once hidden. Basically, with the help of Direct Discovery, users are no longer limited to predefined drill paths, static dashboards or preconfigured reports.
  • QlikView lets you implement deployment options for different users so that sensitive information is stored securely. Use QlikView to share data models and statistics with the right departments; this way, project leaders can help search, explore and create dynamic apps to get the necessary answers that a business needs to expand and accomplish goals.

Try QlikView for free and see how it takes your information management disciplines to a new level.