Building From Data to Knowledge with QlikView

Did you know that there is a difference between data and information? Data is essentially a set of unorganised facts that is useless in such a form, whereas information has potential value as concepts and facts gleaned from data. What you want is true value though, not just potential. And QlikView reporting gives you the means of turning this data into valuable understanding and knowledge.

Why is data defined as useless?

Don’t get me wrong, data isn’t completely useless. It is just that in its raw and unorganised form this data is useless to your business at that moment. That is because it doesn’t tell you anything you can make use of yet.

B2IT’s QlikView offerings for companies in South Africa provides the opportunity to turn this raw data into useful information. You will have access to business-driven data discoveries through guided analytics, which means that this tool helps you to sift relevant information from heaps of data. This brings you closer to something useful, because all the useless information gets filtered out.

Why is the information only potentially useful?

You are bombarded with information every day, but how much of it do you actually use? Anything that does not get used or does not help your business (or your purpose) is useless in that context. So even though the information you have sifted out of the data and presented with QlikView reporting is relevant, you now need to see what actually is useful within your context.

The benefit that QlikView companies in South Africa offer businesses is the opportunity to go even deeper with QlikView reporting and various other tools. Although this doesn’t set out a complete report for you, as such, it helps to organise and display the exact information you need. So if your business sells watches, but you specialise in branded analogue watches only, then can you use QlikView to filter out all related information on watches except for sales and trends in analogue brands that you sell.

What makes knowledge so special?

Knowledge in terms of business and data means understanding the useful information you have gleaned from your QlikView reporting so far. You put together all the relevant and useful information, and that was a great start. But when you understand that information, then you can truly use it to build success. That is why QlikView companies in South Africa are making such a difference in our growing markets.

Think about it: if you know that your target market is showing a trend in favouring a particular brand, you can use this knowledge and understanding of your market to cater to their needs. By doing so you invest more in stock that has a better chance of selling, and far more likely to turn a profit.

Turning a profit is what business is about, which is why B2IT’s QlikView and other Qlik® products have proven so successful across various industries. Contact us and view the difference it can make for you and your business.