Captivating Data Reports, Rich in Features and Possibilities

Create captivating data reports using the many features and functions of NPrinting for QlikView and other Qlik Sense applications. Using the analytics and data from Qlik, NPrinting allows you to build captivating, multimedia reports which can be distributed to recipients in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of adding NPrinting by Qlik to your data strategy.

Selective Viewing

Instead of creating separate reports for various departments and clients based on the relevant information required for each user, we have created a simplified solution. NPrinting includes filtering functions which gives you the ability to offer selective viewing of your data reports. This means that you can set up filters on your reports for recipients to only view the information that is relevant to them and only that which they are authorised to see.


For seamless functionality, the automation feature of NPrinting awards you with the capability to schedule your report generation. This scheduling features enables users to initiate tasks, refresh all data on your Qlik application, and provide new data for your report templates, the filters mentioned above can then be used to build different reports for various users.


To save you on time, NPrinting for QlikView and Qlik Sense has a drag-and-drop function which allows you to easily insert the images, dashboards and data into the report that you are creating. After you are done dragging and dropping the required date, NPrinting will do the rest and process the data for you. Through the above-mentioned features, selective viewing and automation, you are also saving time as you are able to schedule reports and create a report with selective viewing for separate recipients instead of creating entirely new documents.

These and the other functions and benefits of NPrinting by Qlik gives you the ability to create captivating, relevant reports, fast. Navigate to Qlik NPrinting for more information, and request a free demo. NPrinting is the most developed Qlik reporting application available which enables users to create, edit, and filter automated reports with ease.