Companies that use Qlik® Sense in South Africa

Qlik® Sense offers a smart data solution for companies from multiple industries. These various industries that we empower with business intelligence capability make use of the various functions of Qlik® Sense in order to improve the processes unique to their industry. We have supplied a variety of companies with our business intelligence solutions, these are just some of the industries they are from:

Manufacturing & Logistics

Engineers in the manufacturing and logistics industry will benefit from Qlik® Sense and other business intelligence solutions as they will have access to the data they need to improve productivity. The following data can enable improvement in the manufacturing industry:

  • Data from Sales
  • Inventory/Stock Levels
  • Delivery Time Estimates
  • Machine Data

Retail & E-Commerce

For the retail and e-commerce industry, Qlik® Sense empowers various role-players with the ability to make informed decisions. Retail leaders can use the data to streamline and compliment a variety of tasks, leaders that will benefit from this include:

  • Operations Managers
  • Product and Brand Managers
  • Merchandise Leaders


We have implemented business intelligence solutions into various businesses that form a part of the automotive industry in South Africa. The implementation of these products has been a great success and they have resulted in the curation of many benefits for the client, such as:

  • Date Literacy for All Users – cutting-edge visualisation which empowers everyone with the ability to interpret data.
  • Seamless Sharing – improved communication by easily sharing insights and data across various teams and branches.
  • Scalability and Governance – analytics can be stored securely and scaled as they grow through multi-cloud functionality.

There are still many industries where we have successfully implemented Qlik® Sense as a customised business intelligence solution. Contact our experts and find out what we can do for your company with Qlik® Sense.