Discover the Full Story in Your Data with Qlik®

One of the most prominent messages from Qlik® in relation to their products is that you will be able to “See the whole story that lives within your data”. The impact of that message is immense, because business intelligence and understanding data is very much like the structure of a story: there is a beginning, a body, and an end.

The beginning: Finding hidden meaning

Qlik® Sense is, at its core, an advanced tool for discovering and visualising data. Using Qlik® Sense’s data visualisation is as simple as dragging information from libraries and dropping it into the application, from where you can quickly and easily find hidden meaning in your data. The application allows you to work with the visualisations and select relevant information which the application quickly summarises for you. In this way you have access to insights that may have been missed previously, as well as giving your decision-making process a kick-start.

The body: Live data viewing

Qlik® Sense allows you to present discoveries in the form of data stories. Through these stories you are able to display the visualisations you’ve been working with in order to explain your findings to other stakeholders. What’s more, where most presentations are limited to displaying data that is past and has potentially changed in the meantime, Qlik® Sense allows you to switch to live displays of real-time data. So, if there are any questions about the relevance of your data, you have access to immediate, up to date support for your findings.

The end: Preparation for the future

Accurately predicting the future has proven impossible throughout history, which is why most business intelligence (BI) tools don’t even try. However, as an innovative platform for effective data visualisation, Qlik® offers you the means to customise your BI solutions as needed. This is vital to preparing for future BI success, because the climate and needs of your business will change over time, so being able to adapt to those changes is the only sure way to stay prepared. And that is exactly what you get with Qlik® Sense Enterprise.

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