Driving Business Intelligence for the Automotive Industry

B2IT has implemented Qlik data management solutions into various businesses that form a part of the automotive industry in South Africa. The implementation of these products has been a great success and has resulted in the curation of many benefits for the client.

Using Qlik Sense and other Qlik products, as well as best-practice integration and development skills, B2IT seeks to promote this game-changing platform to other automotive businesses in order to give everyone the opportunity to improve decision-making and reap the benefits of using business intelligence to drive strategy.

What Solutions Does Qlik Sense Offer?

There are numerous solutions which Qlik Sense can provide for the numerous challenges faced by businesses which compromise their ability to collect and interpret data in order to accurately make use of it. These challenges are overcome by the following features of Qlik Sense:

Data Literacy for Everyone – Qlik Sense gives users the opportunity to easily gather, interpret and make use of their business data by providing cutting-edge visualisation and search functionality.

Seamless Sharing – Qlik also promotes improved communication by making it simple to share insights amongst teams and across branches.

Scalability and Governance – Businesses can scale and store analytics while maintaining security through multi-cloud functionality.

What Can Qlik Offer Businesses in the Automotive Industry?

Using Qlik Sense and other products such as NPrinting, B2IT, known for making Qlik available in South Africa is able to replace ageing systems that aren’t curating many benefits for businesses. The following are benefits our client’s experience after implementing Qlik solutions:

  • Decision-making becomes a faster and more informed process, as data can be easily interpreted and used.
  • Marketing spend will be improved as it will be based on a variety of statistics allowing for more effective targeting.
  • KPI and performance data can be implemented and accessed in real-time to allow for improved performance monitoring.

Another great value-added benefit is that B2IT does not just install and leave, we become a long-term business intelligence partner for Qlik products in South Africa, so contact us for more information on how we can drive your business intelligence this year.


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