Evolving into a data literate culture


The word “data” has been incorporated into many terms like data culture, data revolution and data literacy. To understand how these are related to data one must first understand the definition of these words together and apart.


This is the replacing of one standard with another in a new way. For example, the French Revolution was the common folk revolting against the monarchy in order to rewrite the way things work. The French beheaded royals and implemented the revolution in the form of the First Republic in 1792. It was short-lived as Napoleon Bonaparte implemented an imperial government soon after (another revolution), which also only lasted until 1815.

The culture of needing to change and grow begins with an idea that manifests as revolution which can be seen throughout history. There are revolutions in art, government, technology and quite literally every industry or field there is or will be.

Data Revolution

This refers to the reform in the way data is used today and how it dictates much more than it ever has before. This makes it a part of most societies and an element of our cultures which then becomes something that can continually be revolutionised. Qlik Sense® is proudly waving the flag at the head of the march in this regard.

Culture and Literacy

Culture is the growth of societies and groups. This involves the meticulous crafting, study and work in order to build and evolve. It is considered the collective achievements of a group that define traditions and what is normal in everything from language and behaviour to technology and art. Everything is influenced by culture and culture is influenced by everything.

One cannot transport information, or data, across time and space without a medium that makes it literate. The way you are reading these words and understanding what they mean is proof of your literacy in language. Now we must find a way to be data literate through a means of visualising data in a comprehensible way. Qlik Sense® is leading the revolution in this regard.

Data Culture

The world we live in is driven by data and so it creates its own culture, but this culture is driven by data literacy. We must now strive to create a culture of data literacy in order to pursue a culture where data can be revolutionised once again.

Data Literacy

Spreading the word on the power of data literacy is the beginning to creating a data literate culture. Organisations need to implement methods and tools to teach people to read data. Qlik Sense® makes data easy to interpret, manipulate into terms that can be analysed and shared. By presenting data in a way that is easier for audiences and users to digest it is more likely to be implemented and used. This is a powerful tool in creating a data literate culture in order to provide solutions across all industries.

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