Gain 2020 Vision with GeoAnalytics

Kicking off the new year more informed is the best way towards ensuring greater success within your business. Location Intelligence is an asset for your business’s marketing strategy and imperative for targeting specific geographic markets. For example, one wouldn’t want to put a billboard up in a low traffic area in the wrong season for your product; this is a waste of precious resources. Qlik® GeoAnalytics is a tool that allows you to create user-friendly layer-based maps to analyse your geospatial data with ease.

A Quick Recap of Qlik® GeoAnalytics:

GeoAnalytics allows you to create mapped data with multiple layers, giving you the ability to view different dimensions of data. This tool enables the observation of patterns and relationships within a single, easy to read map visualisation.

Analyse your data efficiently to:

  • Target your sales to relevant, specific geographic markets
  • View and target seasonal variations (the best time to sell in a particular location)
  • Better understand your client base and competitors
  • Map out daily / monthly / yearly patterns of your potential customers
  • Build accurate datasets
  • Change your business strategy armed with insights that matter

Capabilities of Qlik® Geoanalytics Examples

  • Determine potential store location
  • Understand customer buying patterns and demographics
  • Optimise supply chain delivery
  • Optimise company logistics

The overall principle for GeoAnalytics is that the map and the various layers are separated in different components to reduce the complexity of the data to make it easy to access, read and understand.

Is Qlik® GeoAnalytics Free? 

The short answer is, no. However, B2IT offers a Qlik® GeoAnalytics free trial so that you can experiment with the tool and decide whether it is useful for your business or not.

Qlik® GeoAnalytics South Africa

All of the Qlik® Connectors are available from B2IT, with easy integration into your systems, helpful advice, and additional support. B2IT offers products like Qlik® Sense, Qlik® Embedded Analytics, Qlik® GeoAnalytics, Qlik® View and other Qlik® solutions. Contact one of our efficient team members to find out more about GeoAnalytics in South Africa and what it can do for you.