Getting Ahead In Business Intelligence With B2IT [Qlik® Specialists]

Mastering Business Intelligence (BI) is a matter of absolute focus, and that is exactly we’ve done here at B2IT. Our focus on constant growth and education as well as the commitment to our clients and their success has led to the following key ways in which we help you get ahead in BI.

100% Implementation Rate

You want a Qlik® specialist with a proven track record to help you get set up for success with BI. Among the Qlik® and QlikView® companies in South Africa, B2IT boasts a 100% track record of implementations. This tells you that our customer service is excellent and effective because we’ve been able to provide every client with the products that meet their needs and delivering results.

We are also consistently rated among the top three Qlik® Partners in South Africa in terms of software revenue. So, it is clear that we know and understand our products and how best to implement them for you BI needs, which is why we consistently show excellent results.

International Qlik® Specialists

More than being local Qlik® specialists, we have also handled several successful international Qlik implementations. These cover companies in Southern Africa, Europe and Australia to date.

Value Beyond Expectation

The real secret to achieving results in BI and providing results and value beyond expectations is to truly understand BI. Our focus on understanding BI and all its intricacies is what truly sets us apart, because we go beyond the traditional approach of predicting the needs of users. We understand that your business needs access to real-time results and different types of BI implementations, and we have invested years in mastering the ability to identify exactly what our clients need.

We are Qlik® specialists precisely because we go beyond providing a means of predicting your information needs, providing you with a means of accessing real answers that tell you what you want or need to know.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get ahead in Business Intelligence with everything from QlikView® to Qlik®’s pick and match functions. Join our list of satisfied clients.