How Data Warehousing Became Easy

Think of how storing information has evolved over the years: first we had the rolodex (or as some of you might remember- the carousel) and today we have cloud storage, like Dropbox. As the years went by, we continued to improve the way we store important information.

So now what about big corporations and their colossal amounts of data? How has technology evolved so that it stores such private information securely? Well, in 1970, the term data warehousing was coined.

It is the one solution to categorising and storing an abundance of statistics, facts and numbers safely out of reach of those who do not have permission to login.

It also gives you the power to see your business from all angles, so that you can use data accordingly to find room for improvement and growth; the kind of thing that doesn’t let valuable, million dollar information slip through the cracks.

QlikView is an example of data warehousing software that turned intricate into easy. It’s the kind of business intelligence software that collects, sorts, and analyses big data from different sources, and presents it to you in a concise and interactive way.  It’s almost as if its data models hold a magnifying glass over stats of your company, revealing every detail and spot of fine print.

Its interactive design allows for team collaboration since you can share models, stats and reports to anyone in your company- or even restrict them from it. And you can scan through this information whenever you want, because it’s compatible for cell phones and tablets too! In fact, if you happen to (while just taking a quick look on your phone during lunch) stumble upon a revolutionary break in our company’s stats, you can share it to the appropriate decision-makers immediately! This way, improvements can happen at a continuous pace and you can get the accolade that you deserve so much for your vigilance.

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