How Visual Analytics Can Help Small Businesses

Data has always been the most important puzzle piece of a small business but now business has become even more data-centric. Now data is the board that your puzzle is built out of.

With that being said it is shocking how few business owners make use of that data that is already available to them.

Here’s how you should be making use of that data at hand.

  1. Ask the right questions

In order to find the right answers businesses need to ask the right questions; otherwise you will find yourself drowning in data that is not applicable. Above this, businesses need to find out where that data sits – and look for it there. Opinions of those who are not in your target audience for example will not be of any value to you.

Ready-to-use, applicable, trusted data from the right source can give you the insight you need to grow your business and give you irreplaceable information on consumer behavior, demographics, reaction to marketing, influencers and purchasing power.

  1. Use insights  – grow vision

Generally, people respond better to visual stimulation rather than words. This is why platforms such as Facebook only allow 20% text on a Facebook advert – because people want to see, not read. This is why visual analytics tend to get more response – more people will prefer to quickly look-over at a graph rather than of reading a ten-page report.

Google analytics, for example, can show you what type of post gets more interaction within your targets market and this can help you to refine your marketing campaign and speak to your audience in a way that you know they are listening to (or looking at).

  1. Find the right solution for your business

Previously, analytics options and business intelligence has been out of reach for small businesses but they have since become more powerful, and fortunately, more accessible. Small businesses have a range of software available to them – the trick is in choosing the correct one to suit your needs.

Why not try Qliksense?

Qlik Sense is a Qlik product – it is similar to Qlikview but gives the end user more freedom in creating their own customised layout and visualisations. With Qlik Sense the user can be actively involved in the development process allowing them to create a tool that works for them.

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