Improve Your Collaboration With Qlik® Sense

In the modern business environment you will often find that you simply don’t have the time to spend in overly long meetings and the waiting periods between collecting data and making decisions. The main challenge here has always been the time and distance barriers for collaboration and communication.

Thankfully, Qlik Sense has solved this problem.

A unified hub for data sharing

Rather than having all decision-makers sourcing data from separate systems or locations, often needing to request and discuss differing sets of data, Qlik Sense provides a single source/hub for data sharing.

This hub provides a single, central access point to various reports and streams of information. These streams allow users to share and discover relevant data and analyses without delay. This also ensures that on top of providing timeous access to data analytic, everybody also has access to the same analytics.

Security is ensured, as IT can govern the content so that all individuals connected to the hub has access to the data they need. They can restrict access for those who should not have access to certain information.

Interactive Data Storytelling

While Qlik Sense is a convenient means of avoiding the need to constantly call meetings to discuss data, these meetings between decision-makers are still necessary. For these situations you can make use of interactive data storytelling to aid discussions and encourage better understanding.

Much like a slideshow presentation, storytelling allows you to build a narrative that takes viewers through snapshots of the relevant data. You can use effects to highlight key bits of information during this presentation, and should questions arise you can access the live data for that snapshot to provide immediate, accurate answers to expedite the decision making process.

Highly efficient mobility

Thanks to Qlik Sense being built for access on any mobile device, users have access to its full range of capabilities on any device. This means that even more time is saved, because the decision making process is no longer limited by the location of the stakeholders.

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