Is Qlik® Sense Suitable for Beginners in Data Analytics? And other FAQs

Is Qlik® Sense for beginners? Is it only for professional data analysts? Why Qlik® Sense? Is Qlik® Sense Free?

Here at B2IT we like to answer all the queries you may have relating to our Qlik® data solutions range. Qlik® Sense, in particular, is a dynamic business intelligence tool that has not surprisingly generated a lot of interest from businesses across industries. There are a number of FAQs regarding Qlik® Sense and we would like to provide you with valuable answers to said questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, contact us to meet with our Qlik® specialists to have any and all of your queries answered.

Is Qlik® Sense for Beginners?

A lot of business people would like to know whether Qlik® Sense is suitable for beginners in data analytics software, or anything data related really. The short answer: yes, it is.

Qlik® Sense has been designed for streamlined use by any business person, taking data processing away from IT professionals and putting it in the hands of the people who need to use the data. Another reason Qlik® Sense is suitable for beginners is that, when developed and trained by professionals from B2IT, you will be left knowing how to use the product, specifically for your business.

Why Qlik® Sense?

As soon as you have experienced a demo of Qlik® Sense, or you have spoken to one of our dedicated consultants, you will understand why Qlik® Sense is such a popular data analytics platform. To understand the gist of Qlik® Sense’s uses, here are some quick points on the features that make Qlik® Sense so exclusive:

  • It offers great data visualisation capabilities
  • It receives full points in self-service analytics
  • It has top of the range governance features
  • Its mobile solution offers excellent performance

Is Qlik® Sense Free?

Unfortunately, Qlik® Sense is not free. However, you can request try it for free with B2IT in order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with this business intelligence solution before you purchase the product. The fantastic features sported by Qlik® Sense will inevitably convince you to use it for your business. It is also more affordable than other data analytics software, such as QlikView®, which does not offer as many great features when compared to Qlik® Sense.