Planning Your Business’ 2019 Strategy? Use Data!

If you’re planning your business’ annual strategy, be sure to make use of data which is easy to interpret and has the ability to help you make informed business decisions. With Qlik data software, you can choose a platform which suits your data needs best; from Qlik Sense to QlikView. Read on to find out more about the benefits of integrating Qlik data insights into your strategy meetings to impress stakeholders and improve results.Unknown Object


With QlikView analytics and reporting, you can create business-driven data discoveries with guided analytics. This analytical feature allows you to create one platform which consistently provides one set of data and apps for use across your entire organisation. Users are able to take advantage of a highly polished, customised user experience, specific to their own business problems.

Customisable tools allow you to control the organisation of your data, and the layouts, designs and dashboards. With these smart analytical features and capabilities, you are given full control over analytics apps, data management and permissions. The easier you are able to analyse your data in the way you want to, the more valuable your data will become for your company strategies and goals.


Not only are you able to customise the way in which you analyse your data, but with QlikView, you’re also provided with the opportunity to personalise data report documents. These documents can then be tailored to your individual meetings and requirements, offering the data that is needed, when it’s needed. With more accessible information, that is easier to interpret, you will also save time on writing and rewriting reports or altering models to meet your clients’ needs; simply create and manipulate various visualisations.


With Qlik Sense and QlikView, you can easily integrate data through the condensed platform of necessary data. The comprehensive management tools also enable you to explore and interpret your data, simply and effectively. Another smart feature from Qlik Sense is the smart search function which enables you to search easily through all your data and understand the relationship between the data. The result of these features means that you can make informed business decisions.


The Qlik data software makes sharing your data insights with relevant key stakeholders a breeze. A securely organised and central hub allows you to easily share your findings with the people who matter. This smart data hub can also be accessed by any hand-held device, making your job mobile and efficient.

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