Qlik® Analytics Platform: Delivering Next-Generation Data Indexing

Discovering data that would otherwise remain hidden and wasted, as grey data, is just one of the many benefits offered by the Qlik® Analytics Platform and other related products. The key factor in this next-generation data indexing capability is Qlik®’s patented QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine.

What is QIX?

The QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine makes use of an in-memory, columnar-type data storage which allows Qlik® Analytics Platform to provide effective data compression and indexing. As opposed to older, hierarchical query-based data models, QIX enables freer exploration of collected data without relying solely on predetermined questions or search queries. This, then, is what allows Qlik® users to explore relationships across various otherwise hidden, grey data that would be missed in query-based models.

The advantage for developers

Through the use of Qlik® Analytics Platform and the QIX engine developers are able to create unrestricted and purely data driven applications. With QIX developers have the choice of building apps to look for data in existing sources, or to simply run data through the QIX engine to make direct use of its next-generation indexing capabilities.

Another advantage for developers creating intuitive applications is the availability of APIs and API access to the QIX engine. With these and other options open to Qlik Analytics Platform users it becomes possible to embed Qlik®’s analytics capabilities within applications as necessary. Even more than this, developers can use the APIs to modify the platform even further, extending the solutions available using this technology.

Beat the limitations of out-dated data indexing

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