Qlik® GeoAnalytics: How Location-Based Data Can Help Your Business

With Qlik® GeoAnalytics, you can gain access to a dynamic and feature-rich mapping solution for Qlik® Sense. The powerful Qlik® GeoAnalytics tool will allow you to add exclusive geographical insight to your existing data solution with Qlik® Sense. Using this location-based data, you can add a whole new dynamic to the data that you use to make important business decisions.

What Can Location-Based Data Be Used For?

Location-based data can give you an exclusive insight into the geographical relationships and potential relationships of your business, whether between customers or other businesses, making it all worth the cost-effective Qlik® GeoAnalytics pricing. Some examples of decisions that can be achieved using geographic data from Qlik® include:

  • Determining potential store location
  • Understanding customer distribution of sales
  • Calculating supply chain delivery times

Why Qlik® GeoAnalytics?

Qlik® GeoAnalytics gives you the opportunity to create mapped data with multiple layers, allowing you to view different dimensions of data. The maps can also display changes through state-of-the-art visualisation capabilities. Qlik® GeoAnalytics also has indoor mapping capabilities which allow you to visualise data from in-store, giving you the opportunity to merge data and layout. Other features of the Qlik® geographic visualisation tool include:

  • Building maps easily without the need for coordinates
  • Managing information-dense maps that are usually difficult to decipher
  • Viewing information displayed on multiple visualisation types
  • Utilising internal and external data in calculations

Partner with B2IT and Qlik® for Embedded Analytics

Qlik® products can be easily embedded into your software as a service or as an on-premises solution in your business data. By using Qlik® for embedded analytics, you can get access to a powerful visual analytics solution, such as the visual mapping solution provided through the dynamically capable Qlik® GeoAnalytics product at B2IT.