Qlik GeoAnalytics: Organising Your Data

Among the Qlik® and QlikView data and analytics solutions available to you is Qlik® GeoAnalytics, an innovative mapping solution.

How does a mapping solution tool like this help you though?

Multiple layers for your map data

The interactive mapping afforded by Qlik® GeoAnalytics allows you to create and use layers and to make sense of geospatial data.

One of the greatest advantages of this creative mapping capability is that it allows you to overlay maps with different data and visualisations. This in turn allows you to observe patterns and relationships within a single map visualisation, which if far more efficient than the usual multi-map comparisons used in this regard.


Building maps with specific coordinates can be time-consuming, and is open to errors if an incorrect digit is entered in the coordinates. But with Qlik® GeoAnalytics’ geocoding capabilities you are able to quickly and easily generate maps with just country or location names, among other identifiers.

This takes a lot of the effort and extra time constraints out of geospatial analytics. Also, with this mapping data now so easily available, you can also make use of QlikView’s data and analytics functions to further analyse and graphically visualise this data.

View changes in Animator

Knowing how your client base, competitors or any other relevant factor is changing is vital to business strategies.

Qlik® GeoAnalytics Animator gives you access to this data by allowing you to follow changes on a map, animated by time. Whether you are observing daily or annual patterns, the colouring/patterns on the map will change with the specified time to show you exactly how the geospatial data has changed and when.

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