Qlik NPrinting for Business Intelligence

NPrinting by Qlik allows you to present data and information in such a way that it is understood deeply enough to be used to extract further knowledge by means of further analysis by multiple users. The freedom and control allowed by NPrinting means that huge amounts of data can be easily distributed and understood in order to further your business intelligence through reporting.

The Benefits of NPrinting by Qlik for Business Intelligence

Create, manage and distribute all reporting projects. You can retrieve data through connections to QlikView documents.

Connections define the origin of the data for reports, filters and tasks. QlikView documents used as sources for the data being analysed and reported on can come from your computer, servers or the Qlik server to which you will have access.

You can filter what users see and can add multiple people. You can limit or allow users to see as much information as necessary. QlikView NPrinting allows you to create roles for users in order to manage the visibility and accessibility of the information with continued ease. This allows you to choose what actions a user has the access and ability to perform. These roles can then easily be assigned to new users you wish to have the same security permissions. Now you can assign roles from those who can view limited data, all the way to roles that allow users to view, create, build and modify QlikView NPrinting Apps.

The goal of efficient reporting in business intelligence is for all users to see and understand the data in such a way that they can complete tasks using the visualised data.

Delivering your report can be done simply and to multiple users associated with different tasks with appropriate filters. You can publish the report on the newsstand, via email or distribute it to user-specific directories.

The complete control that QlikView NPrinting allows means that reporting is targeted to get tasks done as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The ability to share and use data so simply means that you and your team have more time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

QlikView Nprinting allows you to convert complex data into information you can utilise to increase your productivity on all spectrums. To get NPrinting in South Africa visit B2IT and get started working on your business future with NPrinting by Qlik.