Qlik®: The Key to South Africa’s Big Data Future

South Africa’s economy still has its head above water despite hitting junk status earlier in 2017. Businesses are still hustling to make things happen to empower the people, and in turn, the economy.Unknown Object

Big Data in South Africa

It is not enough to simply stockpile data anymore, you must be able to analyse, understand and present it effectively for it to yield results. Businesses are results driven, and without the ability to analyse data, you will not know if you are achieving these desired results.

Qlik® is available in South Africa and can fix this problem before overwhelming big data affects the success of businesses.

POPI Act in South Africa

Now that more stringent management of data has been enforced (both globally and nationally) for corporations like banks the collection of big data and personal information needs to be monitored closely.

This is part and parcel of the reason for the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) so that businesses are accountable for the exploitation of personal information that belongs to consumers. The POPI Act ensures the responsible collection, processing, storage and sharing of personal information in South Africa.

Qlik® in South Africa

Qlik® offers South African the ability to work with big data for business success. Big data analytics is even being thought by South African universities!

By offering a platform to research, analyse and strategise, Qlik® makes business success more tangible for South African businesses working with big data than ever before.

Qlik® protects the profitability of business by making data easy to analyse, understand and share. It allows you to group and manipulate data for your specific needs. This is the ultimate filtration system for interpreting data.

You can then use the data you have isolated and illustrate it in a series of charts and graphs. This means the interpreted data will be easier to understand for those working with you. You can even collect and group data from multiple sources and share your findings with your team in real-time.

Pioneering South Africans can grow businesses by making decisions based on accurate data. The answers to important business questions are painless. With the illustration of complicated data teams can collaborate to make informed decisions.

Qlik® is the future of business in South Africa, as the data grows so will we.