Qlik®: Your Data in Your Hands


Qlik® gives people the opportunity to analyse and explore data in a user-friendly and visually understandable way. If you have ever worked with data you know this is no mean feat.


The QlikView feature is specifically designed to present complex data in an easy-to-understand way. It does so with visualisations of data in the form of graphs, charts and other graphics. You can make your own combinations and find different relationships because you can search through the data easily.

You can send this information to your team and colleagues in real-time to find custom solutions now that your data is easy to navigate and manage. QlikView presents a means of visualising data and interacting with it through apps and custom analytical functions.

Qlik Sense

Now that there is a new way of seeing your data Qlik® goes one step further with Qlik Sense. This form of data analytics can help you to understand the relationship between different data to make more informed, data driven decisions. All your data is conveniently and easily accessible to users in a secure central hub.

The Pick and Match Function

The pick and match function in Qlik View helps you avoid having multiple IF statements on your dashboard or in your report. To avoid it seeming bulky and overloaded you pick and match custom calculations to influence a particular data field value. You can now customise your data’s interpretation of the months of the year, service location or any related value in your field.

The pick function allows you to dual pick and avoids the need for Nested IF statements. It can be used to explore and interpret data. To learn how to put this QlikView function into practice read more here.


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