The Powerful, Simple Benefits Of Qlik®’s Pick and Match Functions

When searching through mountains of data, looking for something specific, an if-statement will often do the trick in QlikView®. When things get a little more extensive and complex, though, Qlik®’s pick-and-match functions provide a simple, powerful solution to working through your data.

Starting at the beginning: Nested if-statements

If-statements are a well-known function across various programming languages and tools for searching out specific data. With them you are able to search for specific items, returning set results in the event that they are found as well as if they are not found. However, while clearly effective, the larger a nested if-statement becomes the messier the code will look as well.

Benefit #1: Easier to read

With Qlik®’s pick-and-match functions developers are able to simplify what could end up being hundreds of lines of code in a nested if-statement to only a few lines. While there is heated debate around whether the performance difference is significant, the reduced amount of code makes the pick-and-match a lot cleaner and easier to read and understand.

With this simpler, cleaner appearance it becomes a lot easier to identify errors in the code with little effort. Hence, maintenance becomes simpler and more effective.

Benefit #2: Maintenance

Adding to the benefit of having easier-to-read code, the maintenance and management of your code becomes that much easier as well. Being able to easily read the code assists developers in locating errors, redundancies or any other issues that may be present in the code.

This simplified maintenance also saves the business time and money, since developers will spend less time searching through lines of code in order to correct a single error.

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