The Qlik Specialists: Data Analytics Made Visually Simple

People who manage businesses or departments are not always analytically inclined, struggling with the interpretation of data and to discover where it all fits in. With the data management and analysis software Qlik Sense gives users the opportunity to make informed decisions based on comprehensive, yet understandable reports; Qlik Analytics Platform further offers users the flexibility to create customised visualisations and extensions with a variety of APIs. With B2IT, the Qlik Specialists, data analytics are made visually simple for anyone to interpret and have the ability to use data efficiently and easily.

Qlik Sense

Developed for people who do not consider themselves data specialists, Qlik Sense is the sensible solution to understanding vast amounts of data which is condensed and integrated into a visual display making it easier to interpret and understand. Through the provision of graphs, tables, and maps to present your data, Qlik Sense gives you an easy solution to explore and interpret data findings.

Other features included in the functions of Qlik Sense are:

  • Instant updating of data allowing you to make in-time decisions.
  • Smart Search functions to enable you to understand the relationships between the sets of data for better analysis.
  • Share function for you to make data available through a central hub.
  • Mobility of data which can be acceded on any smart handheld device.

Qlik Analytics Platform

The Qlik Analytics Platform empowers you with the ability to comprehend vast amounts of data and through this, build and integrate engaging visual analytics. By translating your data into easy-to-read visuals the user experience will be enhanced and made more accessible to everyone to interpret and understand. The user-friendly interface and abundance of functions and features allows for the seamless integration of data and visuals through your own personal customisations.

Through a single platform, which can be shared and used over multiple devices, the use and understanding of data becomes a simplified process through the use of visuals and integrated data with Qlik Sense and the Qlik Analytics Platform.