The Testing Capabilities of Qlik® Sense Scalability Tools

Qlik® Sense scalability tools, available for free from the Qlik® Community, empower us with the capability to test the functions that are integral to successful enterprise deployments. These tools enable us to simulate how users will work with the relevant applications so that we can prepare for any performance or scalability challenges that may come down the line. Using Qlik® Sense scalability tools, our developers are able to ensure that the users of the software will be satisfied with the correct application designs from a scaling and performance perspective.Unknown Object

Performance Testing

This is based on the actions that the users of Qlik® Sense are likely to make, specific to your enterprise. This allows us to tailor-test these sequences to ensure optimal results for each individual company.

Regression Testing

The regression Qlik® Sense scalability tool enables you to compare and analyse the differences in the results delivered by various data models or expressions. This will allow us to test the changes that impact performance.


This enables us to set pre-calculated scripts which will save your users valuable time as they will not need to perform these calculations themselves when entering the system.

Hardware Benchmarking

This package allows us to compare how Qlik® Sense performs in different environments. This allows our developers to ensure that your hardware is optimally configured to support all the functions of the software.

App Evaluator

This tool is used during the quality assurance process to test and evaluate Qlik® Sense applications before they are deployed in the production environment. The app evaluator tool allows us to determine and improve your applications so that the users enjoy the best possible experience. Low-performing applications are also blocked in this process.

B2IT Assures Quality in Your Deployment

Luckily, with B2IT as your Qlik® specialist consultant, you can ensure that all quality and performance testing is done before your business intelligence solution goes live. So, no need to worry about the nitty-gritty, leave it up to the Qlik® experts, to ensure a seamless and high-performing BI experience for every industry.