Tracking the COVID-19 Outbreak with GeoAnalytics

Since its worldwide growth and spread from Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has been a topic on everyone’s lips. Every single country has been affected by the changes that Coronavirus has brought about, especially those that have taken to lockdown as a measure of curbing the pandemic’s growth rate.

Using geospatial data, businesses, healthcare professionals, and governing organisations can monitor the pandemic, and the rate at which the virus is spreading and affecting different geographical areas. Not only a tool for targeting specific geographical markets in marketing, Qlik® GeoAnalytics is assisting organisations around the globe in assessing and measuring mortality rates and recoveries.

What is GeoAnalytics?

Qlik® GeoAnalytics is a location intelligence tool that provides users with access to layer-based maps made simple from complex geospatial data. It allows users to view real-time geographical data by creating user-friendly map visualisations that can provide insight into geographical patterns. In this case, it could be the speed at which the Coronavirus is spreading, showing symptoms, being treated, etc.

How can GeoAnalytics Assist in Flattening the Curve?

Flattening the curve is a global plan of action to slow down and, eventually, stop the number of people infected with the Coronavirus from multiplying. Healthcare systems globally are taking strain in attempting to treat patients affected by the virus. Qlik® GeoAnalytics can assist by providing location-based information.

Predicting Outbreaks in Different Areas

Geographical insights can help officials to prepare for any pandemic outbreaks in certain areas by monitoring the risk factors i.e. densely populated areas, locations of old-age homes, etc.

They can use this data to focus and prioritise testing in these areas to ensure that the spread is kept to a minimum, and that those affected can be quarantined before passing it on to the surrounding community. This will also tell healthcare workers where to focus their efforts, be it in existing healthcare facilities, or temporary ones to assist the sick.

Qlik® GeoAnalytics provides real-time, relevant geographical data, not only to monitor global pandemics and other diseases, but also to give valuable marketing insights. Geospatial data is the way of the future for location-based marketing, and with such a user-friendly platform, it’s the perfect fit for any level of experience. Contact us today to test Qlik® GeoAnalytics, and for more information on our other data management tools.