Understanding the Difference Between QlikView and Qlik Sense

Data analysis is an important part of successful business, and that is why B2IT has become one of the leading QlikView companies in South Africa. The range of Qlik® products make the process of    gathering and analysing data so much simpler and more efficient. In order to make this even simpler, it is important to understand the differences between two very similar Qlik® products: QlikView and Qlik Sense.

QlikView: For the specialists

For those with more specialised skills in working with analytics programs, QlikView is the ideal product. QlikView allows you to code and build your own guided analytics applications to be flexible and perfectly geared towards your business. Your analytics applications be able to give you the information you want and need, analysed in the form of charts and other relevant graphics, as per your specifications.

As a more technical product, QlikView in South Africa is a major advantage to any company making use thereof. It puts you on par with companies in the more developed countries, giving your business a competitive edge.

Qlik Sense: For the independents

Not every company or business has access to specialists who can take full advantage of QlikView, especially with the rise of small and medium enterprises. That is why B2IT, as one of the leading QlikView companies in South Africa, also offers Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is an interactive analysis tool which allows anybody, including young children, to work with the data on screen.

The full range of required data will be displayed in from of you with smart, simple visualisations that allow you to view even outlier information. This is important because traditional query-based analytics tools tend to leave out the outliers, which leaves you with incomplete and potentially flawed data. Qlik Sense simply greys it out for you while still displaying it completely. Qlik Sense can also be used to explore data analysis on any device, including mobile phones and tablets, giving you simple and powerful analytics tools wherever you go.

Two sides of the same coin

Both of these products essentially have the same goal: to help you retrieve and analyse data in an aesthetically pleasing and logical manner. The main difference lies in the fact that QlikView is more technical in its usage than Qlik Sense. Both are effective, and the simplicity of Qlik Sense in no way diminishes that, it just assists those who are not set up to take full advantage of QlikView in South Africa.


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