What Is Power BI Report Builder?

Power BI is a powerful data analysis and visualisation tool that has given numerous companies meaningful insights into their organisation’s data. Power BI Report Builder is an essential tool within the Power BI platform that assists with the creation and publishing of paginated reports.

Typically, paginated reports are formatted to fit precisely on a page and refer to the retrieval of data and how it is displayed. Power BI Report Builder enables you to visualise and customise your data using various layouts and styles, which could ultimately aid in better decision-making.

Design Your Report with Power BI Report Builder

  • Create paginated reports in a variety of available report layouts, perfectly suited for your specific data requirements.
  • Include a variety of data sources, such as SQL Server and Analysis Services, Oracle, Power BI datasets, and more.
  • Visualise your data by using charts, gauges, sparklines and indicators.
  • Include interactivity by adding maps, buttons, links, and other available features.
  • Embed and reference external resources, images and content.
  • When viewing your report, you have the option to export your report to a few different formats, including PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Manage your report through Power BI’s Paginated Report Builder

  • Effortlessly manage and share your report with others by saving it to your computer, or to the report server.
  • When opening your report, you have the option to choose from a variety of available presentation formats, such as MHTML, PDF, XML, CSV, Word, and Excel.
  • Once your report is published to the Power BI service you can configure when your report should run, as well as manage the subscriptions to your shared report by specifying the people, time, and frequency of your emails.

Power BI Report Builder is one of the most popular features in Power BI and by using this tool to analyse your organisation’s data reporting, you could gain valuable insight and create room for innovative ideas.

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