Why Should My Business Use QlikView?

QlikView, known as one of the most innovative developments, is an extremely effective business intelligence (BI) program. The platform enables business managers and developers to visualise data and turn data into knowledge.

QlikView is a perfect platform for your business, especially if you want to gain insights into data to improve your business.The information obtained with the data can be used to make informed decisions.

QlikView is easy to use

The BI platform is user-friendly, while still highly effective. Users can make use of the following:

·         Guided analytics

·         Secure data

·         Real-time updates

·         Centralised apps

·         Customised tools and layouts

·         Ability to integrate QlikView into your business applications and system management software

·         Search functions

·         Data integration

·         Advanced reporting

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QlikView enables secure data Storage

For most businesses, data is valuable as well as extremely sensitive. QlikView is based on in-memory, which is far more reliable than other BI platforms that rely on risky disk storage. Because of the in-memory architecture, issues that are related to disk storage, namely slow speed and unreliability, are absent; also, the information is available on a real-time basis as all data is loaded into the virtual memory.

QlikView encompasses a wide rand of applications

The business intelligence platform provides powerful business analytics within a firm. The platform is able to provide businesses with the following help:

·         Extract, analyse, classify and distribute a lot of information to various users

·         Visualise data and information relationships to make informed decisions

·         Eliminate the need to use various platforms to document and code data into reports, dashboards, and analyses.

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