Why Should You Supplement Qlik® Sense with GeoAnalytics?

Qlik® Sense and GeoAnalytics, the perfect combination for insightful, location-based data and analytics. By supplementing Qlik® Sense with GeoAnalytics, you’re giving yourself access to powerful geospatial visualisation and data. This allows you to keep track of your “where” data whether it be for tracking, routing, datasets and more.

So, why should you supplement Qlik® Sense with GeoAnalytics?

Understand Your Data Better

By supplementing Qlik® Sense with GeoAnalytics, you are giving users the opportunity to analyse business data with better insight. Cartographic information will enhance your understanding of your business’ data, giving you an opportunity to make informed location-based decisions. A map is a universal concept that is easy for everyone to grasp, therefore empowering more people to use data.

Visualise Your Data Better

With Qlik® GeoAnalytics you have access to state-of-the-art interactive geo visualisations which allows you to improve the presentation of your data. Qlik® GeoAnalytics has multiple layer support which allows you to add multiple layers of visualisation, allowing you to explore all geospatial relationships in one interactive map.

Gain Geographic Insight

Qlik® Geo Analytics, above all else, empowers businesses to gain insight into the geospatial analytics of relationships. Using path analysis, cluster function or heat maps with GeoAnalytics, users can analyse customer traffic, proximity data and more. Maps can also be quickly built, without the need for coordinates, by using zip codes or place names instead.

Make Better Decisions

All in all, by supplementing Qlik® Sense with GeoAnalytics, you are able to make better decisions for your business based on location data. You can make improved decisions such as:

  • Determining potential store location
  • Understanding customer distribution of sales
  • Calculation supply chain delivery times

In order to improve your decision making, as well as to streamline your use of data, get the B2IT Qlik® experts to help you map out your data solution.