Empower Your Understanding With The Qlik® Analytics Platform

You’ve seen the amount of information that comes up with a simple search on Google, so you can just imagine how much raw data is generated on a daily basis. Dealing with all of this data to sift out what is relevant is a monumental task for businesses, which is why you need a platform to help with this.

Qlik® Analytics Platform is the solution!

A single convenient analytics platform

Part of the challenge in dealing with the wealth of data available is the fact that it’s all over the show. Multiple sources and platforms complicate the process, which is why the Qlik® Analytics Platform has been designed to provide you with a single location in which to visualise various data.

This combines with Qlik®’s Embedded Analytics to allow for your data and visualisations to be embedded into other sources or locations.


On top of allowing you to handle all of your analytics on a single platform, you are also provided with flexibility through the use of dashboards and customised analytical apps. This helps you to cover a wide array of analytics requirements across mobile, web and desktop.

Adding to the flexibility offered by the Qlik® Analytics Platform is Qlik®’s Embedded Analytics. The embedded analytics factor adds value to businesses by allowing you to reuse and embed your data visualisations anywhere.

A good example of this would be if you are collecting sales information for your business in different regions on the platform. From here, you can embed the relevant information for each region to different sources in order to show it to the relevant managers or stakeholders in those areas.

Broaden your analytics practices

The Qlik® Analytics Platform gives you the ability to build customised visualisations and extensions with a variety of APIs. A software development kit is also included, allowing you to further develop and enhance your analytics in a way that works for you.

Get professional advice and service

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